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Futurist and Wired founder Kevin Kelly has famously observed that with the current structure of humanity’s practical knowledge, there isn’t a single person on Earth who can make, say, a computer truly from scratch — from the mining of the metals for its motherboard to printing its circuit boards to designing its interface to programming the complex software that runs on it. But RCA design graduate Thomas Thwaites has orchestrated a commanding counterexample, while at the same time illustrating Kelly’s point in a visceral way.

The Toaster Project chronicles his nine-month mission to build an electric toaster from scratch — no small feat, given the £3.94 toaster Thwaites dismantled was made of 404 separate parts and given also that plastic is almost impossible to make from scratch. But Thwaites persevered, from mining the iron, copper, mica, nickel and crude oil to learning how to smelt metal in a fifteenth-century treatise to creating a crude foundry in his mother’s backyard.

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Se você não sabe quem é, envergonhe-se.

Projeto embasbacante. Cada cabide tem um RFID. Quando vc tira o cabide da arara, é possível ver o produto em mais detalhes na TV, bem como peças que combinam. Simplesmente mostruoso.

Puta linha de raciocínio.

Trabalho genial da Diesel. Para aplaudir de pé.

Trechinho de um puta texto sobre agências do Pretty Little Head:

Sales and marketing may not be sharing goals with one another. Marketing may not be incentivized by sales goals. Marketing commissions advertising based on what some in the Lean Startup movement call ‘vanity metrics’ – likability or brand perceptions or awards.

Advertising agencies aren’t paid to become experts on the client’s business, so they become experts on advertising. They don’t have the time or the relationships to go deep on the structure of the market; they aren’t rewarded for challenging the client’s assumptions. They don’t have access to the right people in the client teams for the information they need to make the best recommendations and the best work. They don’t have the budgets to get that information on their own.

Eu nunca vou esquecer essa frase do título. Nunca.

Tirado de um puta post do Noah Brier sobre o centenário de McLuhan.

Marshall was also encountering a response that would tail him the rest of his life: the incorrect belief that he liked the new world he was describing. In fact, he didn’t ascribe any moral or value dimensions to it at all–he simply kept on pointing out the effects of new media on the individual. And what makes him fresh and relevant now is the fact that (unlike so much other new thinking of the time) he always did focus on the individual in society, rather than on the mass of society as an entity unto itself. It was Marshall’s embrace of the individual–a poetic and artistic, highly humane embrace–that has allowed the reader (then and now) to enter his universe. There are, perhaps, no practical political, religious, or financial applications to Marshall’s work. It could even be argued that it should be seen as a rarefied artifact unto itself, an intricate and fantastically ornate artwork that creates its own language and then writes poetry with it. And what would be wrong with that? Art is art. And an artist, according to Marshall, is someone on the frontiers of perception, who looks at information overload with the goal of pattern recognition, to see things before anyone else.

A Moma ganhou leão com uma campanha que todos sabiam ser fantasma. Isso virou assunto na Riviera e no final das contas o festival cassou os leões da agência, que hoje emitiu o simpático comunicado:

“A Moma Propaganda respeita a decisão do Festival de Cannes sobre a devolução dos Leões de Prata na categoria Press e Bronze na categoria Outdoor relacionados ao caso. Esta decisão foi tomada em conjunto com a organização do festival, sendo resultado de uma série de fatores e profunda análise. A agência optou por não prosseguir com sua defesa, tendo em vista diminuir a exposição de todos, que de alguma forma, foram envolvidos nesse processo.

Moma Propaganda”

Porra, nem um mísero pedido de desculpas??