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Qualquer coisa que eu escreva vai soar idiota perto desse texto (apesar da palavra “art” me incomodar) que encontrei no BBH Labs.

“There’s a battle raging… It’s the battle between art and the algorithm. Between emotion and rationality. Between indescribable magic and perfect information.

As the granular world of relevance, measurability and accountability tightens its grip on the increasingly emaciated flesh of businesses struggling to re-tool quickly enough to survive, many are rushing too quickly away from striving for the magic that has characterized the work we all admire, no matter what the decade or canvas.

It’s a world of perfect targeting. Optimization. Zero wastage. Absolute utility. Total accountability.

It’s becoming clear that ultra relevance comes with a hidden price. Because if everything’s relevant, then nothing’s unexpected, and if nothing’s unexpected, then nothing surprises you, and if nothing surprises you, then that’s a strange, neutralized, vanilla kind of life to lead.

We’re talking about the end of surprise.”

Ah, esse texto foi escrito pelo Ben Malbom, que já passou aqui pelo blog, nesse post sobre um painel da PSFK acerca de propriedade intelectual.

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