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Mark Cridge é da Glue London, e escreveu um post foda sobre dados:

Rather than a currency, data has become a commodity. We’re swamped with data at every level, we count more things than we can ever hope to make proper use of. Even as the things we count become less and less valuable. It is quite clear that the far more intangible and difficult to measure currencies of real human emotional responses and behaviours are those that we must seek to understand the most, bur are in turn are so impossibly difficult to accurately grasp.

It is people and their imaginations, who define how any data is to be collected, what form it should take, how it is measured and most importantly how it is interpreted; imagination is the ultimate arbiter of the value any data may have.

Even if we could measure them accurately how can any currency based on data accurately account for such things as love, desire, infatuation and irrationality.

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