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It was four graduate students, Becky Pilditch, Matt Johnson, Isabel Lizardi and Bibi Nelson, from the United Kingdom’s Royal College of Art who thought of the idea. They formulated an ink that can be applied to the skin, carry a current and then can be washed away. They called it the Bare Conductive Ink. What makes the ink electrically conductive is the carbon particles inside it (similar to pencil lead or charcoal but better quality).

Mais foda é a idéia que o maluco que escreve na Forbes deu:

The idea inspires me to think of large groups of people in stadiums, concerts or places like dance clubs creating massive circuits and collectively creating an image or sound to interact with the players, performing artists or the DJ. Wouldn’t it be great if companies like Sony ( SNE – news – people ) or Yamaha mass-manufactured instruments where people could collaboratively perform?

Nesse link tem mais exemplos de utilização, indo da área médica aos videogames. Foda. O futuro se aproxima perigosamente.

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