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P.T.S.D. é a sigla em inglês para “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”. Durante décadas, médicos buscam formas de tratamento e dão com os burros n’água. Uns ingleses, não sei como, pensaram em usar o Tetris. E não é que parece dar certo?

The scientists suspect the Tetris vaccine works because flashbacks are registered primarily as visual memories. By playing Tetris right after a trauma, the visual cortex becomes so busy that the brain doesn’t encode the horrific visual imagery in the way that it otherwise might. (Tetris addicts report seeing the game’s bricks falling in their mind when they try to sleep.) And Tetris is nonverbal, so it doesn’t impinge upon other crucial work the brain does to help make sense of — and cope with — a traumatic episode. Holmes isn’t yet recommending Tetris as a therapy. But if further tests confirm its value, the game could become a formal treatment: to help ease your mind after a trauma, try to manipulate gently falling bricks.

Do indispensável NYT

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