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Bruce Nussbaum, da Business Week, é um dos caras que pregam o “design thinking“. Dia desses ele esteve na Coréia para uma palestra sobre a interseção entre design e economia. E para nossa sorte, ele postou em seu blog o texto da palestra, vale muito a pena:

Design has made a revolutionary journey in the past decade from a narrow field able to focus on artifact and aesthetics to a broader space that has the ability to engage and interact with social systems in culture. Design has expanded its tool kit and methodologies to be able to move beyond materiality and the making of stuff to the design of social systems and the transformation of healthcare, transportation, education, shopping. Today, corporations are asking designers to design brand strategies as well as the products and services composing the brands themselves.

Technology used to dominate innovation. Today, technology is everywhere and accessible to all. Design is far more important to innovation than technology.

Eis o fechamento:

I would like to end on a philosophical note. One reason why people are turning to Design today is that it is essentially optimistic. Design has a future-facing perspective and a tool-using core competence. The whole purpose of Design is to make the new. In a world of uncertainty and cascading change, Design can be our navigator. We should embrace it.

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