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Isso é o que dá misturar bons programadores com o fodástico Samuel Jackson. As funções “scan” e “query” fazem dessa app – ISamJackson – um puta exemplo do que pode ser feito.

Ah, se vc é fudido como eu e não tem um iPhone, dá pra se divertir com o Samule Jackson nesse site aqui.

Other than the 150 customizable, shouting in your face quotes delivered by Mr. Jackson, this app has a few more notable highlights on board.

The thumb scanner feature is a great novelty act that requires no thinking. Just place your thumb on the scanner and Sammy will instantly assess your true worth. The “Query” button works much like the old magic eight ball, helping you make those difficult decisions. Ask Sam a question and double tap for his answer.

Those twisted developers at Heatwave Interactive were kind enough to create a “clean” and an “explicit” version of this app. You can also find a very slick sample to preview on their website before you decide to buy. Additional packs of taunts and insults can be purchased from inside the app for ($.99) aimed at always keeping your ugly retorts wickedly fresh.


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