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Se tem uma parada que eu gosto é economia. E a notícia que o Obama vai propor um congelamento nos gastos de “non-defense discretionary spending” bem no meio de uma puta depressão é pra lá de preocupante. Eis uma boa análise:

As one deficit-hawk journalist of my acquaintance says this evening, this is a perfect example of the fundamental unseriousness of Barack Obama and his administration: rather than make proposals that will actually tackle the long-term deficit in a serious way–either through future tax increases triggered by excessive deficits or through future entitlement spending caps triggered by excessive deficits–he comes up with a proposal that does short-term harm to the economy as an alternative to tackling the deficit in any serious and significant way.

O Umair Haque é um dos que são radicalmente contra às medidas, como se pode ver em seus tweets:

america’s now an austerity program. welcome to the final stage of national decline.

Budget freeze b/c of the bond market? oh, you mean the guys that CAUSED A MASSIVE GLOBAL CRISIS? wtf. my pet hamster’s smarter than obama

every half decent economist in the world pretty much agrees. this is NOT politics, folks. it’s economic suicide.

Here’s the score. we spent huge $ on bailing out banks. that $ is now going to be cut from YOUR services. “austerity” begins with you.

Implications: double-dip recession almost 100%, income inequality spikes, job creation falls, china transfer accelerates. christ.

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