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– Spotify now has more than 250,000 subscribers in the seven countries where it’s rolled out. It’s growing by a couple of thousand subscribers per day.

– Subscription users get the client without ads, the mobile client (rolled out for iPhone, Android, Nokia phones and more to come), better audio quality and exclusive tracks.

– Eight million tracks cleared and licensed. Users can also buy tracks a la carte, and even subscribers actually also buy tracks.

– Seven million users have created 100 million playlists. Each playlist can be shared by e-mail, Facebookand Twitter. Thirty percent of playlists contain albums, counteracting the idea that the album is dead.

– Twitter is one of Spotify’s biggest traffic sources. People are discovering much of their new music through Twitter referrals.

– The next major trajectory of Spotify will be social. We didn’t know this in the beginning, but social is the key. People are sharing their music across borders, and musicians are gaining popularity outside of their home markets. People can discover new artists based on similarity to music they already like, and take advantage of the long tail.

E agora vem o que eu considero a melhor jogada do Spotify:

Spotify has a ton of data that can help artists, labels and managers figure out who and where their fans are — and how to monetize them. The next step for Spotify is data transparency: becoming that platform where artists can access the data. This is the kind of data iTunes doesn’t share.

Putz, os caras tão com a estratégia certinha pra fuder o Steve Jobs.

Via Mashable

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