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Excelente post do Mike Arauz acerca de um post do também excelente Bud Caddell.

The difference between what everyone has been doing, and what everyone needs to do is networks. We no longer create messages and experiences for groups of individuals; rather we create integrated experiences across all media environments that are specifically designed to serve and empower networks of connected people.

Bud describes an emerging creative capability that he sees as a viable future service: Platform Builders. I’d go further. I think that all groups of people who come together to offer creative services to companies in order to help those companies communicate with people about their products or services, need to organize their ideas around a deep understanding of the communities of connected individuals who are drawn together by their shared values, goals, and interests.

Uma conclusão foda:

There is no longer any interaction that an individual may have with a brand, company, product, or service that disconnected from all the people they know, and the people that share their interest in that experience.

Sem mais.

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