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Texto foda do Colin Drummond, chefe de planejamento da CP+B.

The mistake we make is this: we put brands in a vacuum called a category.

To limit a brand’s usefulness to its category benefit is to limit a brand’s actual role to people.

It means every single brand out there has a golden opportunity to be more broadly relevant than they are today. Every brand can be telling a bigger story that will in turn help people in culture tell their own story better. We must think about how we can be useful to people as they negotiate culture.

It requires some bravery on the part of clients and their agencies – a different vision and definition of success. It’s so tempting to focus on category because it gives a specific reason to buy. When you go outside the category, you’re likely treading in more emotional territory. Strategy grounded in culture works on a different pathway: on conversation that leads to a deeper and broader relevance, seemingly indirect but ultimately way more intriguing.

You may believe that brands like Lady Gaga, Sarah Palin or Apple can enter the cultural conversation because they are more interesting than your bar of soap or computer software. Well, you’d be surprised. Look at Dove and Twitter. Any brand can draw a line in the sand, take a stand on something, tweak culture and enter the conversation. It’s a matter of grounding it in the truth of that brand and not being afraid to put something original out there.

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