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In spoken conversation, we usually contract about 95 percent of the words that are contractable, using can’t instead of cannot. But in instant messaging, the rate was only 65 percent.

Porra, assim a lógica vai pra casa do caralho. Eu já postei sobre “texting” aqui, com um resultado bastante parecido, mas ainda assim essa porra me surpreende.

Essa parte aqui é bonita pra caralho:

The Internet hasn’t wrecked the craft of writing yet. Indeed, in one sense online communication has helped revive the written word in an otherwise rampantly postprint culture. Because young people conduct a huge chunk of their socializing and self-expression online, they are generating far more prose than any generation before. But because most of the writing is social, it takes on conversational qualities: not quite a transcript of speech, if not quite a pithy op-ed. “The idea that everyone under the age of twenty-five knows an entire new language is simply poppycock,” Baron writes.

Via Clive Thompson.

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