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Quando os iranianos foram para a rua, só se falava do twitter cá no Ocidente. Tolinhos.

When Czechs organized to overthrow their government back in 1989 they faced many obstacles, but transmitting information was not one of the big ones. They had many ways to distribute what they needed: they leaked information to Western TV and radio stations who would broadcast it back to millions of listeners; they used official photocopiers to make hundreds of copies of samizdats, networks of music fans turned themselves into subversive communication webs, actors read anti-government news instead of reciting their lines at dramatic performances.

If information is not the main problem for protest movements, then the Internet is not the solution.

What activists need in autocratic countries is not “ways to share information” but “ways to share trusted information securely and privately

It’s all part of establishing trust among group members, and the Internet doesn’t do much to help – or hinder – that crucial step.

Isso casa com o pensamento do Evgeny Morozov, crítico dessa internet utópica e tema de dois posts aqui.

Via Whimsley

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