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Escrito em 1974:

“The reigning belief today is that closeness between persons is a moral good. The reigning aspiration today is to develop individual personality through experiences of closeness and warmth with others. The reigning myth today is that the evils of society can all be understood as evils of impersonality, alienation and coldness. The sum of these three is an ideology of intimacy….”

Encontrei esse texto em um artigo de Andrew Keen sobre a morte do J. D. Salinger, misturando William Gibson, Streissand Effect, twitter e por aí vai.

Sennett correctly suggests that this ideology of intimacy explains the modern cult of the artist and the ideal of art as a way of “revealing the private.” The so-called digital “revolution” — with its obliteration of all intermediaries between the artist and the audience — is really just one more triumph of this ideology. Marshall McLuhan famously said that the medium is the message. But actually messages are always one step ahead of the media, massaging new technology into culturally recognizable forms. The most striking thing about the Internet is its familiarity.

Esse texto casa com outro que eu li deveras interessante chamado Do Kinder People Have an Evolutionary Advantage?:

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, are challenging long-held beliefs that human beings are wired to be selfish. In a wide range of studies, social scientists are amassing a growing body of evidence to show we are evolving to become more compassionate and collaborative in our quest to survive and thrive.

“Because of our very vulnerable offspring, the fundamental task for human survival and gene replication is to take care of others,” said Keltner, co-director of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. “Human beings have survived as a species because we have evolved the capacities to care for those in need and to cooperate. As Darwin long ago surmised, sympathy is our strongest instinct.”

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