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Dia desses o Umair Haque escreveu um texto sobre as redes sociais enquanto uma bolha.

Como sabemos, toda bolha é precedida por euforia, e se tem uma coisa que anda atraindo euforia hoje em dia são as redes sociais. Mas como bem escreveu Bud Caddell ao ler o texto do Umair, há sim uma bolha, mas ela é da indústria, não das redes sociais em si.

Bem, o Stowe Boyd também leu o texto do Umair e fez uma crítica ainda mais valiosa, comparando a internet às cidades e propondo uma puta reforma urbanística:

So, we need a New Spatialism movement, to rethink web media and reclaim the social space that is supposed to be central to so-called social media. Some web media may just remain what it is, like an industrial district at the edge of town. But at least some parts of web media should be reconceptualized, and reconstructed to get back to human scale. Just as New Urbanism is about organizing streets, sidewalks, and plazas to support the growth of social capital, New Spatialism would help us channel interactions on line to increase sociality, and thereby increase the growth of social capital.

New Spatialism is based on the idea that our primary motivations for being online are extra-market drivers: we are not online for money, principally. We have created the web to happen to ourselves: to shape a new culture and build a better, more resilient world, for ourselves.

And we need better media tools than we have at present, to make that a reality.

O cara fecha o texto de uma maneira um tanto utópica:

I hope I can persuade Umair to think of this in new spatialist terms, not just looking through it through economics. It is the extra-market aspects that are the most interesting, and ‘quiet enjoyment’ of a city is not just about what it costs to live there.

If we want social tools to be more humane, to help us to be more human, we should talk about it in the broadest possible terms, and for me that’s anthropology, not economics.

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