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ChatRoulette sob uma ótica diferente e interessante, escrita pelo NYT:

Two weeks ago, when I sat down with Andrey Ternovskiy, the 17-year-old founder of the site, for a One on One interview, I asked him if there was a single moment when traffic spiked on the site. Mr. Ternovskiy said that growth was just continual. There wasn’t a single news site, blog, or social network that created a spike in the number of users.

He explained that last November, when he started the Web site, he logged less than 500 visitors for the month. Just three months later, without any advertising or promotion, he had 30 million unique users visiting the site — an average of a million unique visitors a day.

He said that the day he started Chatroulette, he saw 20 users on the site and it just grew instantly and organically from there. “The site doubled and it continued to double every day since then,” Mr. Ternovskiy said.

But the sites that helped spread the word of Chatroulette — Twitter, Facebook and other social Web sites — sometimes took years to see 30 million unique users. Chatroulette’s viral growth, aided by social media, suggests that the already speedy clock of Internet time is running faster than ever.

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