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O GOOD está com um post deveras interessante sobre a U.S. Postal Services, empresa estatal de correios. Além de fazer uma boa análise sobre a empresa, o pessoal da GOOD pediuà equipe da Frog Design que eles reimaginassem a empresa, hoje afundada em déficits.

As respostas, é claro, giram em torno de novas receitas. Alguams eu achei foda:

With its massive infrastructure reach and its fleet of 142,000 vehicles, it could be doing some really interesting things that few others can accomplish. The company vehicles could serve as sensors for contextual information about traffic and weather—not an income generator perhaps, but a great opportunity to build the brand.

Or why not put Google Street View cameras on top of mail trucks and charge Google for it? frog designer Michael McDaniel says, “Imagine what we could do with continuously updated imagery of every street in America.” Dave Chiu suggests mounting cameras pointed at the ground on postal trucks which could record conditions of roads and catch potholes as they appeared.

With buildings located in every community in the country, the USPS could become a competitive “last mile” provider of electronic information. They could set up wide-range, high-speed wi-max transmitters on post offices and become an ubiquitous wireless broadband provider.

Ao fim, uma análise interessante sobre a U.S. Postal Services:

With our society increasingly splintered, we should cherish any institutions that offer possibilities for creating cohesion. Stephanie Chen sees the Postal Service as a political institution akin to libraries—it democratizes communication for all people, while private services like FedEx only have to cater to the high end of the market.

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