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Twitter will unveil on Tuesday a much-anticipated plan for making money from advertising, finally answering the question of how the company expects to turn its exponential growth into revenue.

The advertising program, which Twitter calls Promoted Tweets, will show up when Twitter users search for keywords that the advertisers have bought to link to their ads. Later, Twitter plans to show promoted posts in the stream of Twitter posts, based on how relevant they might be to a particular user.

Ei, alguém achou isso uma boa idéia? Porra, eu não quero ver twits de quem eu não sigo. Simples assim.

Bizarro é ver como os caras tão perdidos quando o assunto é monetização:

Yet Twitter has been slow to monetize those users. Its founders, Evan Williams and Biz Stone, have said that it is following Google’s path — building a service that many people use, then figuring out how to make money.

At first, companies will pay per thousand people who see promoted posts. Once Twitter figures out how people interact with the posts, it will figure out alternate ways to charge advertisers.

Sabe quem tá ganhando dinheiro com o twitter? As empresas que orbitam sua API, como a (a coisa mais idiota do mundo é ter que acessar um site para encurtar a URL. Pq diabos isso não é feito automaticamente pelo twitter?).

Some of the most popular third party services on Twitter are like that. Mobile clients come to mind. Photo sharing services come to mind. URL shorteners come to mind. Search comes to mind. Twitter really should have had all of that when it launched or it should have built those services right into the Twitter experience.

Porra, não seria óbvio vender aos anunciantes o rastreamento de seus links e um melhor entendimento de seus consumidores?

É fácil entender porque eles estão ganhando dinheiro:

They and many other third party products and services filled out the holes in the Twitter product and made it work better.

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