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Não poderia concordar mais. Este é um problema com P maiúsculo. Na verdade, dois pês: Price Pointing.

Amazon had been buying many e-books from publishers for about thirteen dollars and selling them for $9.99, taking a loss on each book in order to gain market share and encourage sales of its electronic reading device, the Kindle.

Esse é daqueles erros que parece ser crucial para qualquer estratégia de lançamento das editoras no mundo dos leitores digitais:

If it’s allowed to take hold in the consumer’s mind that a book is worth ten bucks, to my mind it’s game over for this business.

Sabe o que o Steve Job pensa da estratégia da Amazon?

An Apple insider said, “He thinks Amazon is stupid, and made a terrible mistake insisting that books should be priced at $9.99.”

O mercado editorial vai ter que ralar muito pra consertar a cagada da Amazon.

Via The New Yorker

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