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When you get really deep into anthropology, it studies space and time compression. Technology is now compressing point A and point B, that space between people.

A frase acima é de Amber Case, cybor anthropologist, seja lá que diabos isso signifique. E não é difícil entender como esta menina de 23 anos se tornou, segundo a Fast Company, a mulher mais influente na mundo da tecnologia:

“My father used to read me bedtime stories out of this book called Evolution of Consciousness,” Case says. One night he drew two points on a piece of paper. He asked what the shortest distance was from point A to point B. “A straight line,” she said. ‘There’s an even shorter distance,” he responded. And he folded the paper over so the two points touched—”which is the idea of a worm hole. Compressed time and space,” Case says. “He told me this when I was four or five, and I would think about it every single night.”

Se você se interessou, dê o play e tente entender. Eu falhei miseravelmente.

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