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Esse cara é só o “Director of Knowledge & Insights” da Coca-Cola. Em uma apresentação, ele explicou como a Coca vê o mundo até 2020 e cita o avanço do capitalismo (não, tolinhos, o capitalismo não está morrendo), o crescimento populacional e os avanços médicos como macro-forças que pautarão o futuro.

The role of brands is changing – yesterday brands were residual and defined quality and safety; today brands are dominant and help in personal identity construction, tomorrow brands will be involved in societal creation.

The role of marketing is therefore changing too, LaForge argues. If we look at history we can see that physical value declined with the industrial revolution, analytical value dropped with the rise of computers and today the only thing a machine can’t do is produce creative value. Marketers’ value derives from doing what machines and computers can not:

  • Storytelling and meaning making
  • Planet stewardship
  • Cultural leadership
  • Aesthetic Design

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