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In effect, I found it very interesting, recently, and I think various folks here realize that in the US, there may be a waning interest in knowledge management, just about the same time that when you go to Japan, you find that there is a very interesting movement starting up in Japan. That is that a couple of decades ago, Japan decided to really focus on, and paid very close attention to, Edward Deming and the total quality management movement. And that is what they used to rebuild their entire country. And what is happening today is a shift from a focus on quality to a focus on knowledge. And can you really think through knowledge management, as a way to rebuild the country, not just the enterprise? And so I think you’re going to see increasing emphasis coming out of the East on these types of topics.

Aspas tiradas de uma apresentação de John Seely Brown, q durante anos foi cientista chefe da Xerox. É sobre conhecimento e storytelling.

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