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Following the announcement of Nintendo’s 3DS, new version of its popular a handheld games console that boasts 3D visuals without the need for special glasses, response among the tech press has suggested that we could have a “game-changer” on our hands.

“Nintendo had its Apple moment today” declared, “the 3DS looks simply amazing.” Describing the device as a “clear evolutionary step past the DS”, Engadget felt that Nintendo’s offering provided “something in a handheld that will take years to really catch on with our big people consoles in the living room.”

Gizmodo sees a new benchmark being set for all handhelds: “Just as Nintendo changed the industry with the imperfect but watershed Wiimote, they’ve undeniably done the same with the 3DS. Holding a 3D display without any stupid glasses is what we’ll all be doing soon, whether we buy the 3DS or not.”

Kotaku reserved special praise for the device’s 3D camera: “The ability to take a picture in 3D and then view it in 3D seconds later may sound like a gimmick. But it’s the sort of gimmick that will require a hunt for your socks afterward. It’s astounding.”

É interessantíssimo acompanhar a movimentação da Nintendo no mercado de videgame, com o Wii e agora com 3d. Belíssima aula de estratégia.

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