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The global newspaper market generates 57% of revenue from advertising, the OECD said, although that figure is far higher in many developed countries, most notably in the US, where newspapers are reliant on advertising for 87% of their income.

The figure is 50% in the UK, according to the OECD, and lowest in Japan (35%), which has some of the world’s bestselling newspapers and the highest levels of newspaper penetration.

Online advertising revenues accounted for a “minuscule” proportion of total newspaper revenues – just 4% in 2009.

Minha visão dessa queda livre dos jornais é temerosa. Uma sociedade sem jornais traz tanbém muitos riscos:

“Given the central role of news for democratic societies, the evolution of news creation and distribution are a matter of public interest”, the report’s authors say.

“The question is whether and how the production of high-quality and pluralistic news content can be left to market forces alone”.

The report concludes that “no business and/or revenue sharing models have been found to finance in-depth independent news production. This raises questions as to the supply of high-quality journalism in the longer term.”

Não significa que o governo deve financiar empresários que não souberam se adaptar aos novos tempos, mas sim a conscientização que o papel exercido pelos jornais deve sert mantido, seja lá em qual plataforma.

Via The Guardian

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