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The very act of ‘thinking about thinking’, in which people develop an understanding of how brains and behaviours work, has the potential to empower people as part of a new model of active, 21st century citizenship.

De um PDF com o pomposo título “Steer: Mastering our behaviour through instinct, enviroment and reason“, cujo link foge ao meu preguiçoso alcance. Essa parte aqui é foda, fala que para entender comportamento é preciso entender que o cérebro humano se divide entre dois sistemas, o controlado e o automático. E é a forma como esses dois sistemas se entrelaçam que origina a nossa espantosa e até aqui subestimada irracionalidade:

The controlled system appears to be more or less unique to humans and comprises the abilities to think, set and pursue goals, and deliberate.

The automatic system is shared with animals, and consists of a battery of intuitive and instinctive behavioural responses.

However, it would be wrong to see the human brain as an animal brain with the controlled system tacked on top. In fact, the two systems work together in humans in a very sophisticated way so that our emotions (as compared to animal emotions) are far more complex and cognitive (consider the social emotions of admiration and respect).

The automatic system does not require conscious control. It is fast, can process information in parallel, and tends to be associative rather than logical. For example, when you cross the road safely while talking on your mobile phone, your automatic system is doing all kinds of processing to make this possible.

It is probably right to say that most of our behaviour is guided by the automatic system. We think, deliberate and plan much more rarely than we would care to admit.

A gente tira onda que é racional mas na maioria das vezes agimos tal qual os animais. E assim segue a humanidade em sua insignificância arrogante.

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