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Projeto fodástico do MIT. Daria meu pé esquerdo pra acompanhar experimentações desse nível.

Jinha Lee and Hiroshi Ishii, two graduate students at the MIT Media Lab, created an interface with that in mind. “Beyond” comprises a glass table backed by a digital projector, and a hand-held drawing stylus. Pushing on the stylus extends the drawing tip into virtual space–thus, you could draw a diagonal pushing into 3-D by simply pushing gradually harder on the stylus.

Interessante para onde esse projeto pode levar a maneira que desenho e interfaces podem chegar.

Obviously, Lee and Ishii’s project is a conceptual prototype. Whether it could develop into a full-blown interface for 3-D design remains to be seen. But one problem might be the limits of human intuition. All day, we’re surrounded by flat images that we’ve learned to recognize as simulacra of 3-D–that’s what our brains naturally do. It’s no wonder then that you don’t often hear designers complain about how intuitive it is to draw in 3-D on a computer–all it basically involves is spinning a flat image around in virtual space, and then adding depth.

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