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Instead of penalizing children for not mastering the traditional subject that they may not have an affinity for, what about discovering their talents and nurturing those instead? What if our education system recognized the artist in a child and nurtured that in the child to allow that child to hone those skills? What if instead of taking a child with difficulty in mathematics and drubbing him with remedial math courses, our education system instead steered the child towards lighter mathematics, and more emphasis on what the child was good at? What if less focus was placed on the number of right answers a student gets on a test, and more focus was put on the wonderful learning experience that comes from a wrong answer? What if the purpose of schools wasn’t to prepare a child for a vocation that he is expected to know that he wants before he is ready, but instead to help a child figure out what that vocation should be? What if our education system stopped pumping out graduates with useless degrees (like me) and instead focused on churning out people who are prepared to create their own ideas?


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