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A The Economist tá com um puta texto sobre a Microsfot e a Intel. Lá pelo meio do texto tem uma analogia interessante que mostra bem por que essas duas marcas declinam, apesar de lucros no último semestre surpreenderem analistas, e a Apple ganha espaço:

The shift to mobile computing and data centres (also known as “cloud computing”) has speeded up the “verticalisation” of the IT industry. Imagine that the industry is a stack of pancakes, each representing a “layer” of technology: chips, hardware, operating systems, applications. Microsoft, Intel and other IT giants have long focused on one or two layers of the stack. But now firms are becoming more vertically integrated. For these new forms of computing to work well, the different layers must be closely intertwined.

Essa tabela é um puta raio-x desse mercado de gigantes:

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