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Se tem um maluco que eu considero como minha bússola profissional, esse alguém é o Adrian Ho, da Zeus Jones. Esse maluco é foda, é o meu “Kotler”. Pois bem, este post é sobre dois posts tirados do “From the Head of Zeus Jones”.

O primeiro é sobre estratégia, e começa com um parágrafo foda:

Was talking with Mark recently who shared a quote from a former professor of his that I really like: “Strategy is the art of finding the unfair physical advantage.” While lots of other quotes talk about strategy as an abstract or invisible thing I love the fact that this acknowledges that strategy is tangible, real and can be touched. By extension, it follows that strategy depends upon physical assets and characteristics such as size, strength, arsenal, etc.

O segundo é um post sensacional com exemplos fodas de “modern brands”, como ele chama. Aí embaixo seguem dois exemplos:

While it’s questionable whether B&N can compete with Kindle and iPad in the e-Reader market (or even survive), I think the idea of using their one advantage – brick & mortar stores – as a place to sample content is really smart.

On the surface this feels like a giveaway but buried deep in the article was this nugget: “… owners will be able to use the iPad to schedule a service appointment online and arrange for a pickup to take the car in for maintenance.”

Because service is one of the best places for dealers to get additional revenue, it’s clear that the real goal of this was to create an on-going channel for dealer/brand to customer communications. Essentially this turns the owner’s manual into a revenue stream and takes advantage of the fact that big companies like Hyundai have diverse partners and revenue streams to spread costs over.

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