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Ana Andjelic, sempre com uma elegância inebriante.

And then, there’s this trick: does the business of making information and connections visible – no matter how valuable – equal to making money? Not always the case. Facebook, for the longest time, didn’t know what’s its main source of revenue (our privacy?), Twitter didn’t know (early bird?), and Foursquare still doesn’t know. What they know – and know it well – is to react to opportunities that arise quickly and unexpectedly. And because these companies deal mostly just with creating conditions that make possible for the unexpected value to show up, they don’t restrict their money-making options to a limited number of alternatives. Nor should they.

So if strategy based on value predictions, projections, and finite resources doesn’t make much sense anymore, what are we left off with? We got to accept that value online comes from very different and unexpected sources, and that we should not restrict our understanding if it in advance; that value is not always going to equal money on the short-term, and that this thus may not be the best way to inform our actions; and that our resources are as vast as we make them, and that how we allocate them depends more on the environment than on our strategic plan. Having all of this in mind, the best we can do is to try to work on providing conditions to make things happen: things like new behaviors, new connections, new sources of value, and new resources. The money will follow. Or not. But one thing is certain: the world that strategists work in is under active construction and there’s no blueprint. For the first time ever, we are part of the construction crew: we are not directing it. And we need to reinterpret a lot of things that we have been regarding as fixed, and also probably come up with a new language to describe what the hell we are doing.

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