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Post do Adrian Ho recomendado pelo Noah Brier é certeza de coisa boa:

As you may have seen, OKCupid posted another brilliant analysis of dating tips and tricks using data generated by their members last week. While these posts get broadcast and re-syndicated widely, they also function as a service to their current members by delivering information that allows them to improve their performance, and therefore usage of the site itself. It’s a completely circular, yet brilliant example of how an internal asset can be used as marketing, and of how value – generated by your customers – can provide even more value to your customers.

Abaixo uma boa forma de ilustrar a estratégia brilhante do OkCupid:

Nesse link tem o post em que o OkCupid se vale da riqueza dos seus dados (fornecidas pelos usuários) para enriquecer a experiência dos próprios uruários. Um bom exemplo dos insights que vêm desses dados:

Soft light can hide wrinkles, blemishes, devil eyes. The hard light of a flash often brings them out. As I illustrate with the dotted lines below, you can calculate the equivalent “aging” effects of a flash by counting years horizontally between the ‘flash’ and ‘no flash’ lines. For example, a 28 year-old who used a flash is as attractive as a 35 year-old who didn’t. Trace the dotted lines to see what I’m talking about. Don’t piss off Ming.

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