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Trecho da terceira aula do curso de Introdução a Psicologia de Yale.

“My favorite Freud story was as he was leaving Europe during the rise of the Nazis, as he was ready to go to England from, I think, either Germany or Austria, he had to sign a letter from the Gestapo. Gestapo agents intercepted him and demanded he sign a letter saying that at no point had he been threatened or harassed by the Gestapo. So he signs the letter and then he writes underneath it, “The Gestapo has not harmed me in any way. In fact, I highly recommend the Gestapo to everybody.””

Mais alguns trechos interessantes:

He was a man of extraordinary energy and productivity, in part because he was a very serious cocaine addict, but also just in general. He was just a high-energy sort of person. He was up for the Nobel Prize in medicine and in literature; didn’t get either one of them; didn’t get the prize in medicine because Albert Einstein–Everybody loves Albert Einstein. Well, Albert Einstein really wrote a letter because they asked for opinions of other Nobel Prizes. He wrote a letter saying, “Don’t give the prize to Freud. He doesn’t deserve a Nobel Prize. He’s just a psychologist.”

While he’s almost universally acclaimed as a profoundly important intellectual figure, he’s also the object of considerable dislike. This is in part because of his character. He was not a very nice man in many ways. He was deeply ambitious to the cause of promoting psychoanalysis, to the cause of presenting his view and defending it, and he was often dishonest, extremely brutal to his friends, and terrible to his enemies. He was an interesting character.

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