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Uma das palestras mais pancadas que eu já vi. Muito foda quando o cara compara o último século – programming silicon – com este novo século – programming life.

It would be entirely another thing altogether to be able to design and program DNA, and cells. The ability to design an organism’s function, program it in DNA and then ‘compile’ it to the biochemistry of life to define not just what life is, but what life does would profoundly transform biological science and our understanding of biology, and form the foundations for a profound revolution in medicine, agriculture, energy. We have developed this ability – the ability to program Life. Although in its infancy, we are pioneering a new field from synthetic biology based upon understanding and designing biological computation: Living software.

Isso aí embaixo é a parada mais bizarra que eu já vi. É uma interface visual de programação cuja linguagem é só o DNA humano. E aí, tá bom pra vc?

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