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What’s the case for Constructive Capitalism? Why should you be a Constructive Capitalist? The simplest reason is: because Constructive Capitalists don’t just outperform—they redraw the boundaries of disruptive outperformance. The chart shows the performance of Constructive Capitalists vis a vis market indices (the Nasdaq, S&P 500, and Dow Jones) over the last decade.

Nesse link tem uma análise mais detalhada desse gráfico. Encerro com esse parágrafo:

What’s more significant is that the performance of Constructive Capitalists isn’t just countercyclical, skyrocketing during the downturn, and then collapsing during today’s nascent, halting recovery. Rather, they are rebounding harder and more intensely than the markets—suggesting that their performance is structurally disruptive. They’ve built stronger economic foundations, that underpin structural outperformance, deeply rooted superiority in 21st century terms—because, as I discuss in the Manifesto, Constructive Capitalists aren’t just seeking industrial age efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness: they’re taking a quantum leap beyond them.

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