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47%. Sim, é isso mesmo. 47%!! Nada simboliza tão bem a estupidez do tempo em que vivemos.

By way of comparison, Google’s profit margin is is 29% and Apple’s is 28%, and both of those are considered fantastically profitable. Facebook had a profit margin close to 30% as well in 2010. Salesforce and Amazon by contrast, also very respected companies, have profit margins closer to 5%.

In fact, tech companies might not be the best comparison. Hermès, the world’s most lauded luxury brand — a company whose business is selling $20,000 handbags — has a profit margin around 30%. When one of your writers was in business school, a professor with extensive experience in the luxury industry told us that Chanel, a private company which doesn’t report financials, was rumored to be the most profitable company in Europe with profit margins of 45%.

Zynga is either the most profitable company ever – or it’s very close to it.

The main reason this kind of profitability is possible is that Zynga sells “virtual goods.” They don’t cost much of anything to make, don’t need to be shipped to shelves, and don’t need any kind of sales force to be sold.

Detalhe: isso aí já inclui os 30% que a Zynga tem que pagar ao facebook.

Nesse link da Business Insider dá pra ver uma assustadora análise da mecânica de um dos jogos da Zynga, o FishVille. Sim, tem idiotas que criam aquários virtuais e compram peixes virtuais.

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