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Já ouviu falar em VRA?? Eu odeio esses termos babacas, mas esse vale muito a pena.

Verb is the thing a company does

Reverb is the reverberations of that action across social media spaces (twitter, facebook, blogs… the ‘oooo, did you see what they did’…)

Amplify is when you take the story of what you did, and the reaction to it, and turn that into stories to tell through advertising.

Basically, advertising is not the thing that you do, it’s the story of the things that you’ve done.

It’s easy to turn interesting things into advertising stories, it’s hard to make advertising interesting enough to reverberate though.

Calma que vai ficar melhor.Tem até equação!

r1 = reverberations

v = the thing you do

q = quality of your product/service

b = brand warmth

r0 = reverberations of the last thing you did

It means that there are four ways in which you could make whatever it is you do reverberate more…

Pretty obvious, right? People are endlessly twisting the “advertising is a tax on…” prefix to fit with ‘shitty products’, ‘bad design’, ‘poor customer service’ and so on, but it’s right… the modern age is a place where advertising can’t even sell a bad product once, to paraphrase David Ogilvy.

Brand warmth measures; gotta love ’em, eh? The best way to increase them for a lot of companies is not to spend more on a new repositioning, or more ads, or a funnier scriptwriter. It’s to be human, generous and lovable. To be able to respond to people when they say ‘ooo, I like that thing you did…’.

The action you take, the transformative thing you do. Be it as large as the Pepsi refresh move, or as locally important as Converse saving the 100 Club, as technologically astute as Best Buy’s Twelpforce… what’s the thing that’s going to set you apart from not just competitors, but how everyone else acts. If you want “earned media”, you’ve really got to try and earn it.

So, finally, my favourite bit…

The way the equation works is that the reverberations of the last thing you did feed in this time too. So if you’ve not done anything before, then sorry, but you don’t get anything here.

Which means if you give up after one or two attempts, you’re really not giving yourself a chance. The sorts of companies that get talked about in the social space are, seemingly, the usual suspects. The people who’ve done various other things before. Because they try again and again, and the reverberations from what they’ve done before play back into what they do next time.

That’s where I am so far… I know it’s still a bit ‘fat’ in places (‘verb’ for instance conatins so may different variables, like ‘culture’, ‘company type’ and so on), but would love to hear what you think.

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