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Did you know 3-D printers could make complex objects with moving parts like gears and crescent wrenches? I had no idea…this is kind of mind-blowing. The guy at the beginning likens the technology to Star Trek’s replicator.

Gostou? Então toma uma aulinha de 50 minutos da Singularity University.

Na página do youtube deste vídeo tem um comentário fodástico que faz jus ao título do post:

Our system of capitalism will eventually be irrelevant and counter productive (if not already) since we are approaching potentials which we can create abundance, sustainability, efficiency and well being for all the worlds people. Removing scarcity and the aberrant effects it causes such as theft. Abundance, sustainability, and efficiency are enemies of our economic structure for they are inverse to the mechanics required to perpetuate consumption.

Via Kottke

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