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Porra, segundo vídeo punk do dia! Mais um trabalho foda da Anomaly para a Converse, marca que ressurgiu das cinzas.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Converse Domaination", posted with vodpod

Tem uma matéria foda no The Guardian sobre IP, sigla gringa para Propriedade Intelectual. Como de hábito, muitas aspas:

Vice is an unusual media owner. The cocky, iconoclastic style magazine runs a pub near its east London headquarters, has its own clothing and record labels, runs an online TV site called VBS featuring films from the likes of Spike Jonze, and makes TV programmes for satellite stations in Mexico and Brazil. Its strangest move, however, came last week when the magazine launched 15 years ago by Montreal slackers opened its own in-house advertising agency – Virtue – and announced it would be handling the global full-service account of Pernod-Ricard’s vodka brand Wyborowa.

“We’re offering all agency services,” says Andrew Creighton, MD of Vice Europe and chief executive of Virtue. “We’ll make the ad, offering planning and account handling, do TV spots and everything apart from media buying, but we think our experience as a media owner has taught us that if you can create quality content for a client – mags, videos, documentaries and so forth – that people want, you have them coming to you rather than you pushing ads out on an unwilling public as was the old model.”

Esse parágrafo aí embaixo é foda, relacionando quedas nos custos de produção com o fim das barreiras de entrada no mercado:

Vice’s global network of writers, photographers, designers and artists will be available to clients. “Technology makes huge changes possible,” Creighton points out. “Cheap desk-top publishing software allowed us to launch the mag in the 90s, the internet allowed us to stream live TV to millions around the world. Essentially, when something becomes cheap and simple enough for idiots like us to use, that’s when the barriers to entry disappear. We were helping brands with projects almost since we launched – this is really just formalising that sort of relationship.”

Aí entra em campo uma questão ética, o que é conteúdo e o que é propaganda:

Creighton insists the lines between advertising and editorial will be strictly observed: “Clients can’t tell us what to write or film. It’s a very rigid wall between agency and mag/website, even though many of the same people will be working on both.” The old-school lines between client, agency and media owner have proved elastic as the recession and new media combine to squeeze the commercial media industry.

Obviamente que em uma matéria desse naipe não poderia faltar a Anomaly:

Anomaly has created a TV series with a New York restaurant’s head chef, a production company with British make-up Lauren Luke, a fashion joint venture with iTunes, a line of beauty products and a mobile commerce platform – advertising now accounts for less than half its revenue.

O cara fecha divinamente bem, se valendo do clássico Animal Farm, de George Orwell, para falar sobre a questão éticca:

Could this blurring end by looking like the final scene in Orwell’s Animal Farm – as our eyes flick from online to movie, to brand-funded documentary, to fizzy drink presence in TV drama, to products on shelves created by the agency that brokered the product placement deal for its joint venture with a cable channel … Well then, “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

Aê!!! Bate palma, porra! Assim é que se fecha um texto.

Mais uma da série “e a gente fazendo propaganda”.

Uma discussão da PSFK com gente que já se deu conta para onde caminha o mercado. A discussão é bem interessante. Como não consegui colocar o vídeo, é só clicar aqui.

Tem uma expressão do cara da Anomaly que é foda demais. Falando sobre esse novo campo que se abre, que até 5 anos atrás ele também não sabia como funcionava, ele usa a expressão “learning agressivaly”. Lindo.