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… e algumas passaram despercebidas por você. Aqui tem uma compilação em um arquivo do Google Docs com esses conteúdos. Vai de Aaron Koblin no fodástico Johnny Cash Project ao Old Spice da W+K, de Trends no Twitter ao Nike Head2Head da RG/A. Ou seja, a porra toda que é referência hoje em dia de trabalhos fuderosos. Tem de tudo e é foda mesmo. E, mesmo que não seja novidade, com certeza é uma senhora enciclopédia. E não pude me conter, precisei usar mesmo todos esses palavrões.


O link é esse aí:

Interessante o argumento de David McCandless. Ele sugere que organizar informações numéricas em visuais é a melhor maneira de navegar no excesso de informação – e só ela pode mudar a maneira como vemos o mundo.

Visuaçização fodástica de dados sobre a cidade de São Francisco e suas mazelas. Pra ver mais sobre o projeto, acesse city’s DataSF website.

Many of the maps have peaks in the Tenderloin, which is that high area sort of in the north-east center area of the city. Some are extremely concentrated (narcotics) and some are far more spread out (vehicle theft). These maps were generated from real data, but please don’t take them as being accurate. The data was aggregated geographically and artistically rendered. This is meant more as an art piece than an informative visualization.



How can you increase the immersion of data? The bachelor thesis „Experiencing Abstract Information“ by Jochen Winker and Stefan Kuzaj introduces theoretical principles and shows them with some interactive examples.There are four essential parts in making abstract information experiencable: information itself, relevant senses, fitting emotion and a direct reference of the presentation to the information. With our method you can not only design fitting media, but also check existing media for its potential.To demonstrate the systematics, we built three interactive installations. By using them you become an interactive diagram in a virtual mirror, cause virtual water-pollution in a water-basin or compare the time you have to work in different countries to buy a big mac or some bread. All of these installations show a different approach of immersive data transfer.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Alex Lundy explains the power of data visualization.

Via @GuyKawasaki.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Encontrei em um dos blogs da Harvard Business um post interessante sobre visualização de dados, com um exemplo de visualização que vem lá da segunda guerra mundial.

About ten years ago, I vividly remember visiting the Cabinet War Rooms in the basement of Whitehall, where Churchill had his war room during WW II. The desks were full of phones, and the walls covered with maps and information about troop levels and movements. These used color coded pieces of string to help Churchill’s team easily understand what was happening.

On the one hand, I was struck by how primitive their information environment was only sixty years ago. But on the other, I found it reassuring to see how similar their approach was to war fighting today. The mode, quality and speed of data capture has changed greatly from the 1940s, but the paradigm for visualization of the terrain, forces, and strategy are almost identical to those of WWII.

No post o autor ainda aponta 3 bons motivos para apostar nos dados:

Great visualizations are efficient — they let people look at vast quantities of data quickly.

Visualizations can help an analyst or a group achieve more insight into the nature of a problem and discover new understanding.

A great visualization can help create a shared view of a situation and align folks on needed actions.

“Have nothing in your houses which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”


What you’re looking at:Over 3,000 apps – and growing – are downloaded every minute from the App Store. This is a live feed showing the activity of 20,000 popular apps currently in iTunes. Every time a customer downloads an app, its icon lights up (5-min. delay).

Vodpod videos no longer available.


E os caras conseguiram montar um data visualization de todos os downloads. Vai de foda a ducaralho!




Um manjar para os olhos de quem curte. Muitas e muitas páginas com gráficos de ficar babando. Daquí ó.