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Tirei esse slide aí de cima dessa apresentação foda sobre transmedia.

Puta narrativa sobre o terremoto no Haiti. Storytelling de primeira.

De fuder! Puta projeto. A interface que os caras criaram para contar a história é embasbacante.

Via Brainstorm9

É muito foda saber que o Adrian Ho deu essa apresentação em outubro de 2007.

Foda e tocante.

Não ousaria dizer que é a melhor palestra do TED que já vi. Mas que tá perto tá. E certamente será a melhor coisa que você vai encontrar sobre storytelling.

Dan is a senior member of the Wieden + Kennedy London creative department, specializing in games, play and new ways of storytelling. In 2007 Dan founded with his brother Adrian, Six to Start, an award winning entertainment production company.

Via Brainstorm9

Obrigado, MIT. Muito obrigado.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In what could be the ultimate twist on Toy Story, Henry Jenkins suggests that action figures — those Star Wars and Masters of the Universe dolls from a few decades ago — had the power to spark human creativity and transcend their original function. Jenkins argues such toys served children and young adults as “authoring tools” in stories that grew increasingly elaborate and technologically sophisticated over the years, spawning new kinds of play in our own time.

In a lecture spiced with stills and video, Jenkins demonstrates that early generations of action figures, such as movie, cartoon, and cereal box characters, inspired a cohort of player “creators,” and helped shape the emergent phenomenon of transmedia. This, describes Jenkins, is a storytelling process “where integral elements of a fiction are dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience.”

Para ter orgasmos múltiplos, clique aqui e seja feliz.

Fun­da­men­tally, I think, a media inven­tor is some­one who isn’t sat­is­fied with the suite of for­mats that have been handed down to him by his cul­ture (and econ­omy). Novel, novella, short story; album, EP, sin­gle; RPG, RTS, FPS–a media inven­tor doesn’t like those choices. It turns out a media inven­tor feels com­pelled to make the con­tent and the container.

Robin Sloan, via Noah Brier, que por sua vezs mostra uma interface foda do NYT sobre documentos da crise financeira.

In effect, I found it very interesting, recently, and I think various folks here realize that in the US, there may be a waning interest in knowledge management, just about the same time that when you go to Japan, you find that there is a very interesting movement starting up in Japan. That is that a couple of decades ago, Japan decided to really focus on, and paid very close attention to, Edward Deming and the total quality management movement. And that is what they used to rebuild their entire country. And what is happening today is a shift from a focus on quality to a focus on knowledge. And can you really think through knowledge management, as a way to rebuild the country, not just the enterprise? And so I think you’re going to see increasing emphasis coming out of the East on these types of topics.

Aspas tiradas de uma apresentação de John Seely Brown, q durante anos foi cientista chefe da Xerox. É sobre conhecimento e storytelling.

Essas anotações foram feitas por Monica Tailor, durante a “The Power of Story Lecture“, de Robert McKee.